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 +Priscilla Elfrey chairs the GC/MS:ICCRE. At the Kennedy Space Center, she supports simulation for space exploration , especially lifecycle innovation, outreach, international research opportunities and work to establish the Human-Centered Design and Learning Institute. She is leading the NASA STEM PLACE at I/ITSEC and represents KSC on SimSummit.  She managed training at NYU and Yale, was a founder  of 2 off-off Broadway theaters, founder and project manager of  what is now the National Center for Simulation, produced award winning videos for NASA  and wrote The Hidden Agenda published by John Wiley and numerous conference papers and articles on technology, careers, storytelling and the arts.  Educated in NYC (Barnard, Columbia, Moreno Institute and Cornell) and the first woman Associate Dean of Yale College and former Fellow of Calhoun College- and Florida Atlantic University Center for Electronic Communication,  she is SCS liaison on the SISO Conference Committee,  director of Liophant and a Fellow of the MISS, Savona, Italy