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Simulation Model Standardization through Web Services: Interoperation and Federation on the DEVS/SOA Platform

Chungman Seo and Bernard P. Zeigler

Symposium On Theory of Modeling and Simulation - DEVS Integrative M&S Symposium (TMS/DEVS 2011)
Boston, MA, USA, April 4-9, 2011


Various approaches to standardization of DEVS modeling and simulation artifacts are being actively pursued by the DEVS research community. In this paper, we consider standardization for web-service implementations of simulation models, an increasingly popular approach to simulation development. We show how DEVS/SOA’s standardized data distribution and time-management functionalities provide an advantageous platform for simulation federations of web service-based models. When augmented with automated analysis of web-service descriptions to produce DEVS proxies and enhanced with meta-data model characterization, DEVS/SOA can support effective discovery and composition of both DEVS and non-DEVS models expressed as web services.

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