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Integrated Systems of Systems Deviation and Simulation Based Analysis

George Despotou, Rob Alexander, Dimitris Kolovos, James Williams and Tim Kelly

Symposium On Theory of Modeling and Simulation - DEVS Integrative M&S Symposium (TMS/DEVS 2011)
Boston, MA, USA, April 4-9, 2011


Systems of Systems demonstrate a combination of characteristics such as dynamic operation, emergent behaviour and complexity. These characteristics provide a number of difficulties to the application of safety analysis and particularly to deductive (safety) reasoning. Deviation analysis is an approach used for exploratory analysis of a system, identifying credible deviations and their effects. Failure maps document the effect chain between safety related (dependability) failures of the various SoS elements. One challenge in SoS safety analysis, is the scale and complexity of these systems, making manual approaches inefficient. SimHAZAN is a semi-automated approach, maximising the number of considered deviations, identifying safety related ones. The two approaches are not independent of each other. Instead they use each others artefacts during the lifecycle. A common framework allows the seamless integration of the two approaches, establishing clear traceability between concepts The paper has presented a proof of concept implementation for a Model Driven approach to unifying these two different types of analysis, maintaining explicit traceability between the high level system definition and the implementation (assumptions) of the simulator. Furthermore, the approach is capable of allowing automated generation of the simulator code thus establishing a one-way traceability between the code and the system models.

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