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Graded CTL Model Checking for Test Generation

Mimmo Parente and Margherita Napoli

Symposium On Theory of Modeling and Simulation - DEVS Integrative M&S Symposium (TMS/DEVS 2011)
Boston, MA, USA, April 4-9, 2011


Recently there has been a great attention from the scientific community towards the use of the model-checking technique as a tool for test generation in the simulation field. This paper aims to provide a useful mean to get more insights along these lines. By applying recent results in the field of graded temporal logics, we present a new efficient model-checking algorithm for Hierarchical Finite State Machines (HSM), a well established symbolism long and widely used for representing hierarchical models of discrete systems. Performing model-checking against specifications expressed using graded temporal logics has the peculiarity of returning more counterexamples within a unique run. We think that this can greatly improve the efficacy of automatically getting test cases. In particular we verify two different models of HSM against branching time temporal properties.

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