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Some statistics:
Papers submitted: 91
Full Papers Accepted: 27
Work-in-Progress/Short papers: 11

TMS/DEVS 2011: Accepted Submissions

A BPMN Extension for Modeling Non Functional Properties of Business Processes
  Paolo Bocciarelli and Andrea D'Ambrogio
A Formal Approach to the Quantification of Sustainability and Dependability Metrics on Data Center Infrastructures
  Gustavo Callou, Erica Sousa, Paulo Maciel, Eduardo Tavares, Bruno Silva, Jair Figueirêdo, Carlos Araujo, Fabio Magnani and Francisco Neves
A Model-Driven Software Environment for Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Complex Systems (Mod4Sim Workshop)
  Luc Touraille, Mamadou Kaba Traoré and David Hill
A Performance Evaluation of the Conservative DEVS Protocol in Parallel Simulation of DEVS-based Models
  Shafagh Jafer and Gabriel Wainer
Automating DEVS over Data Distribution Service for High Performance and Interoperability (Work-in-Progress Workshop)
  Ki-Jeong Kwon, Chungman Seo and Bernard P. Zeigler
Clocked Transition System as an OPM Formalism with Application to Systems Biology (Work-in-Progress Workshop)
  Valeria Perelman, Dov Dori and Judith Somekh
Common simulation methods for heat conduction from the perspective of Cellular Automata
  Michael Mueller and Georg-Peter Ostermeyer
CONSTRUCTING DEVS MODELS BASED ON EXPERTS’ KNOWLEDGE: Application to STMicroelectronics’ Large Scale Manufacturing Processes (Work-in-Progress Workshop)
  Pamela Viale, Claudia Frydman and Jacques Pinaton
Developing Discrete Event Simulations From Rigorous Process Definitions
  Mohammad Raunak, Leon Osterweil and Alexander Wise
DEVS for AUTOSAR platform modeling
  Joachim Denil, Hans Vangheluwe, Pieter Ramaekers, Paul De Meulenaere and Serge Demeyer
Extended Coloured Petri Nets with Structured Tokens - Formal Method for Distributed Systems
  Khaoula Al Ali, Wolfgang Fengler and Bernd Däne
From Domain Specific Languages to DEVS Components: Application to Cognitive M&S (Mod4Sim Workshop)
  Saurabh Mittal and Scott A. Douglass
  Gabriel Wainer and Ken Edwards
Graded CTL Model Checking for Test Generation
  Mimmo Parente and Margherita Napoli
Harmonized and Reversible development framework for HLA based interoperable application (Mod4Sim Workshop)
  Zhiying Tu, Gregory Zacharewicz and David Chen
HiLeS2: Model Driven Embedded System Virtual Prototype generation (Mod4Sim Workshop)
  Horacio Hoyos, Rubby Casallas, Fernando Jiménez and Darío Correal
I-DEVS: Imprecise Real-Time and Embedded DEVS Modeling
  Mohammad Moallemi and Gabriel Wainer
Integrated Systems of Systems Deviation and Simulation Based Analysis (Mod4Sim Workshop)
  George Despotou, Rob Alexander, Dimitris Kolovos, James Williams and Tim Kelly
Interfacing DEVS and Visualization Models for Emergency Management (Short Paper)
  Mohammad Moallemi, Shafagh Jafer, Ahmed Sayed Ahmed and Gabriel Wainer
ISTSM: Incompletely Specified Timed Sequential Machines (Work-in-Progress Workshop)
  Norbert Giambiasi
Model-driven Development of Simulation Solution based on SysML starting with the Simulation Core (Short Paper)
  Pascal Weyprecht and Oliver Rose
Net-centric ACT-R Based Cognitive Architecture with DEVS Unified Process
  Saurabh Mittal and Scott Douglass
NoC-DEVS Simulator (Short Paper)
  Hoda Ahmadinejad, Fatemeh Refan and Hessam Sarjoughian
Observations in DEVS framework
  Gauthier Quesnel, Ronan Trépos, Patrick Chabrier, Jennifer Baudet, Raphael Duboz and Eric Ramat
On DEVS Model Standard Development (DEVS Standardization Workshop)
  Hessam Sarjoughian and Yu Chen
On-The-Fly Verification of Discrete Event Simulations by Means of Simulation Purposes
  Paulo Salem da Silva and Ana Cristina Vieria de Melo
Performance of a Multi-Agent System over a Multi-Core Cluster managed by Terracotta
  Franco Cicirelli, Angelo Furfaro, Andrea Giordano and Libero Nigro
ScipySim: Towards Distributed Heterogeneous System Simulation for the SciPy Platform (Work-in-Progress Workshop)
  Allan McInnes and Brian Thorne
Simulating Layered Queueing Networks with Passive Resources (Mod4Sim Workshop)
  Greg Franks
Simulation Model Standardization through Web Services: Interoperation and Federation on the DEVS/SOA Platform (DEVS Standardization Workshop)
  Chungman Seo and Bernard P. Zeigler
Some Desired Features for the DEVS Architecture Description Language (DEVS Standardization Workshop)
  Olivier Dalle and Judicael Ribault
Synchronizing Sequences On Not Strongly Connected Petri Nets (Work-in-Progress Workshop)
  Marco Pocci, Isabel Demongodin, Norbert Giambiasi and Alessandro Giua
Taxonomy of DEVS Classes for DEVS Standardization (DEVS Standardization Workshop)
  Moon Ho Hwang
The Rationale for Shaped Simulation (Short Paper)
  Jeff Buzen
The SimTG Simulation Modeling Framework A domain specific language for space simulation (Mod4Sim Workshop)
  Olivier Zanon
The Simulation-based Multi-objective Evolutionary Optimization (SIMEON) Framework (Work-in-Progress Workshop)
  Ronald Apriliyanto Halim and Mamadou Diouf Seck
Towards a Methodology for Interface-Based Design of Hierarchical Automation Components with Dynamic Contracts and Modular Verification
  Xiaobo Li, Hans Vangheluwe, Yonglin Lei, Hongyan Song and Weiping Wang
Transforming UML2.0 Class Diagrams and Statecharts to Atomic DEVS
  Reehan Shaikh and Hans Vangheluwe
Using Specification and Description Language to represent users’ profiles in OMNET++ simulations (Mod4Sim Workshop)
  Pau Fonseca i Casas, Miquel Ramo Niñerola and Angel A. Juan

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