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Cheryl Schramm


M. Eng (Carleton), P. Eng


Tel: +1 613 520-2600 Ext 2470 
Fax:+1 613 520-5727 
Office: MacKenzie, Room 4444


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Research Interests:


SYSC-3006 Fall 2010 Computer Organization
COMP 4004 Fall 2010 Software Quality Assurance

SYSC-3303 Winter 2011 Real-Time Concurrent Systems
ECOR 1606 Spring 2011 Problem Solving and Programming

Other courses that I teach:
SYSC-4805/4806 Computer Systems Design Laboratory/Software Engineering Laboratory
SYSC-2004 Introduction to Object Orientation
SYSC-5704 Elements of Computer Systems
SYSC-2003 Introduction to Real-Time Systems
SYSC-2002 Data Structures and Algorithms
SYSC-4800 Software Engineering

Adminstrative Duties

Requested duties but was refused.

Past duties:
SCE Program Coordinator
SE Program Coordinator
4th Year Project Coordinator
Recruitment Coordinator
SEDs Creator
Display Board Design Committee
Chair Selection Committee
Tenure & Promotion Committee

Cheryl does not supervise graduate students, but undergraduate students in Computer Systems and Electrical Engineering, are encouraged to discuss Fourth-year projects in these areas.

Personal Initiatives, Collaborations and Activites

My Antarctic Adventure with Students on Ice
App Development for iLearn @ Lisgar Time Index: 15:30
Carleton University Robotics Club, Founder 2009, Lead Faculty Advisor
Carleton University Simulator Project, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Departmental Proposals

Professor Motjaba's BiPed Research Project, Systems "Consultant"
Earth Hour, 2009, 2010
HERE Carleton Community Biennial Art Show for Faculty, Staff and Students, 2008, 2010

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