Graduate Students Completed:

P. Castonguay, "Open Source Synthetic Training Environments and the Canadian Forces", M.A.Sc. TIM, September, 2009

T. Pendergast, "Identifying Potential Open Source Ecosystem Participants Based Upon Organizational Motivation and Ability", M.A.Sc. TIM, June, 2009

Z. Ke, "A Path Network Model for Predicting Performance of a Loosely Coupled DRE System in the GeoSurv II UAV Project", September, 2008

S. Basset, "A Component-Based Three-Layer Autonomy Architecture for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles", September 2008

D. Tudino, "Implementing the Data Distribution Management Services in the SIP-RTI", M.A.Sc., June, 2007

M. Javer "Profiling of COTS Real-Time Development Environments: An Analysis of the LabVIEW Development Environment with the Real-Time Module", M.A.Sc., February, 2007

C. Van Ham, "SIP-RTI: A High Level Architecture, Runtime Infrastructure built on a SIP-enabled Conferencing Mechanism", M.A.Sc., September, 2006

D. Bleichman, "RTI Support for Real-Time Simulation", M.A.Sc. May, 2006

G. Cameron, "Power Consumption Model for DSP Systems", M.A.Sc., September, 2004

C. Zhang, "Integrating existing DEVS simulations with the HLA", M.A.Sc., May, 2004

L. Li, "DSP Hardware Surrogate for the HLA", M.A.Sc., Aug., 2003

H. Khalil, "Integrating Timing Diagram Protocols with HLA Simulations", M.Sc., May, 2003

R. Xu, "Real-Time Java Memory Management", M.Sc., May, 2003

A. Saghir, "Computer System Modelling At The Hardware Platform Level", M.A.Sc., September, 2002

R. Mao, "HLA Compliant Real-Time Operating System Simulation", M.Sc., September, 2002

M. Garvin, "Code Strings: A New Program Plan Recognition Model", M.A.Sc., May, 2002

S. Ilangasinghe, M.Eng. (CONGESE), "e-Commerce Services for Wireless Applications" co-supervision with Dr. S. Matwin, University of Ottawa, SITE, December, 2000

Q. Wang, M.Sc. (ISS) , "A Web-Based Course Registration System", April, 1998

E. Zheng, M.Sc. (ISS) , "Design and Prototype of Student Management Database", December, 1997

Graduate Students in Progress:

U. Ahmed, "Hardware in the Loop Simulation with a UAV Autopilot"

K. Rajeh, "Realtime Systems in FPGA"

B. Webb, "Dynamic Obstacles Tracking for UAV Autonomy"

A. Malloy, "Automated Measurement of Realtime Platform Characteristics"

last modified:    Dec. 16, 2009