·   Ph.D student: 2

·   MASc student: 4



·    A. Huang, MASc. in Biomedical Engineering, gEffect of ultrasonic probe movement on tissue displacement measurements for muscle monitoringh, 2013.

·    D. Moisseev, MEng. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, gBone densitometry with simultaneous gamma transmission and ultrasound measurementsh, 2012.

·    C. Tan, MASc. in Biomedical Engineering, gMagnetic Resonance Elastography Using a Single-Sided Constant Gradient Magneth, 2011 (Co-supervision with Prof. A. Marble).

·    F. Vakhshi, MASc. in Biomedical Engineering, gParameter estimation techniques for ultrasound phase reconstructionh (Co-supervision with Prof. A. Adler), 2010.

·    R. Morehouse, MASc. in Biomedical Engineering, gUltrasound elastography and characterization of soft tissue mimicking phantomsh, 2010.

·    Z. Qu, MASc. in Biomedical Engineering, gDevelopment of ultrasound measurement system for characterizing viscoelastic materials using ultrasound reflectance methodh, 2010.

·    J. Silver, MASc. in Electrical Engineering, gDevelopment of ultrasound based techniques for measuring skeletal muscle motionh, (Co-supervision with Prof. A. Adler), 2009.

·    D. Mohamed, MASc. in Biomedical Engineering, gPiezoelectric sensor and respiration simulator system for sleep monitoringh, 2008.

·    C.-C. Cheng, Ph.D., Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McGill University, gReal-time ultrasonic diagnosis of polymer injection molding and micro-molding processesh, (Co-supervision), 2007.

·    M. Kobayashi, Ph.D., Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McGill University, gDevelopment and applications of high temperature piezoelectric ultrasonic transducersh, (Co-supervision), 2004.

·    Y. Zhang, MASc., Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Concordia University, gDevelopment of water simulation system for ultrasonic detection of inclusions in molten metalsh, (Co-supervision), 2003.





·    N. Chaudhury, A. Kothapalli, S. Dave, A. Fanaswala, gDriver Fatigue Detection and Alert Systemh.


·   Y. Huang, R. Khaddage, G. Kumarakuladervan, S.-U.-R. Mirza, gBack Brace with Built-in Sensorsh.

·   M. Ntema, T. Kebadiretse, L. Kajane, gEnergy harvesting for wireless nodesh, (Co-supervision with Dr. N. Mrad, Defence R&D Canada).


·   S. Neupane, L. Russell, C. Schruder, B. Haider, gCuffless finger blood pressure sensorh, (Co-supervision with Prof. A. Marble).

·   I. Aleem, A. Alsaafin, A. Khanna, N. Pradhan, gCompact MRI Systemh, (Co-supervision with Prof. A. Marble).

·   I. Hossain, A. Diotte, A. Hammad, gRFID Sensorh, (Co-supervision with Dr. N. Mrad, DRDC).


·   P. Kaushik, S. Tharumalingam, R. Mirpuri, gDental biting force sensorh.

·   F. Al-Otaibi, M. Al-Shaghdari, F. Al-Zahrani, M. Hay, gArterial pulse wave monitoringh, (Co-supervision with Prof. A. Marble).


·   A. Shukla, A. Shaddy, I. Ibraheem, A. Sarswat, gWireless Heart Pulse Rate Monitoring Systemh, (Co-supervision with Prof. I. Lambadaris).


·   D. Goodkey, J. Malloy, M. Russell, gSound healing and therapyh, (Co-supervision with Prof. A. Chan).