From left to right: Prof. Ioannis Lambadaris and Premier Mike Harris

The Premier's Research Excellence Awards (PREA) program has been designed to help gifted young researchers increase the pace of their research by attracting graduate students, postdoctoral fellows or research associates to their groups. Two rounds of competition completed in 1999 attracted over 460 applications from researchers at Ontario universities, hospitals, medical research institutes and other not-for-profit research institutions. The PREA board recommended  that awards be made to 128 researchers over the first two rounds of competition completed in 1999.

Professor Ioannis Lambadaris received a PREA award for his work in developing solutions for guaranteed Internet Protocol network services. This research will advance the development of new network architectures to improve services such as congestion control and multicasting. The amount of the award is $150 K for 5 years ($100 K from the Ontario government and $50 K from the industry and University).