Department of Systems and Computer Engineering
Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Thomas Kunz: Students, Visitors, Research Associates

Students Currently In Progress

  1. Ola Ashour, PhD (co-supervised with Prof. St-Hilaire)
  2. Aviroop Ghosh, PhD
  3. Mahshid Hosseini, M.A.Sc.

Postdocs, Research Associates, and Visitors

Past Research Visitors

Past Postdocs and Research Associates

Students Graduated, in Reverse Chronological Order:

  1. Aisha Robinson, M.A.Sc., 2021, "Deep Reinforcement Learning, LSTMs and Pointers for Downlink Scheduling in LTE".
  2. Zahra Jahedi, PhD, 2021, "Simple and Scalable Approach for Virtualized Network Function Placement in Wireless Multi-hop Networks".
  3. Pushkar Thakkar, MCS project, 2020, "Application of IoT in Retail Package Management Systems (Frontend)". (co-supervised with Prof. Deugo)
  4. Shriya Singhania, MCS project, 2020, "Application of IoT in Retail Package Management Systems (Backend)". (co-supervised with Prof. Deugo)
  5. Sagnik Banerjee, M.Eng., 2019, "Server and Backend for Train Early Warning System (TEDS)"
  6. Saurabh Damani, M.Eng., 2019, "Mobile Application for Train Early Warning System (TEDS)"
  7. Jean-Daniel Medjo Me Biomo, PhD, 2019, "MBA-DRR: A Delay-Reducing Routing Protocol for Multi-Beam Directional Antennas in Multi-Hop Ad Hoc Networks". (co-supervised with Prof. St-Hilaire)
  8. Walid Abdel Gelil, M.A.Sc., 2019, "A Hierarchical P2P Overlay for Hierarchical Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs)".
  9. Oluwasegun Abayomi Hassan, M.A.Sc., 2018, "A Comparative Analysis between Centralized Routing and Distributed Routing in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks".
  10. Silas Echegini, M.A.Sc., 2018. "A DHT-based Routing Solution for Hierarchical MANETs". (co-supervised with Prof. Esfandiari)
  11. Ammar Mottie Mahmoud Alhosainy, PhD, 2017, "Simple Cross-Layer Network Utility Maximization Framework for Multiiflow Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks".
  12. Karpakamurthy Muthukumar, M.A.Sc, 2017, "Analysis of OpenFlow and NETCONF as SBIs in Managing the Optical Link Interconnecting Data Centers in an SDN Environment".
  13. Muhammad Raisul Alam, PhD, 2017, "Exact and Approximate Solutions for Energy Cost Optimization in Smart Homes". (co-supervised with Prof. St-Hilaire)
  14. Kun Meng, M.A.Sc., 2016, "Delay-based Rate Control Algorithms for Real-Time Video Transmission Application".
  15. Daniel Tudares, M.Eng., 2015, "OPNFV Pharos Community Lab".
  16. Ramkumar Ramasubramanian, M.Eng., 2015, "Lighting Dark Fibre".
  17. Umang Nagpal, M.Eng., 2015, "Lighting Dark Fibre".
  18. Gurleen Kaur, M.Eng., 2015, "Secure Remote Web Proxy without the Use of VPN".
  19. Pranav Pareek, M.Eng., 2015, "Prototype Network Manager: Internet of Things".
  20. Mohammadreza Ataei Naeini, PhD, 2015, "Analysis of Wireless Multi-Hop Broadcasting: Optimal and Approximate Solutions and Applications". (co-supervised with Prof. Banihashemi) Senate Medal Fall 2015
  21. Funmilayo Adaramola, M.A.Sc., 2015, "Fast Adaptive Digital Pre-Distortion Scheme for Application in Cellular Base Station Power Amplifiers". (co-supervised with Prof. Schwartz)
  22. Muhammad Omer Farooq, PhD, 2014, "BEAR: Bandwidth-Estimation-based Flow Admission Control and Routing in IEEE 802.15.4-based Ad-hoc Sensor Networks".
  23. Jean-Daniel Medjo Me Biomo, M.A.Sc., 2014, "Unmanned Aeronautical Ad-hoc Networks: Enhancing the Reactive-Greedy-Reactive Protocol and Introducing a New Mobility Model". (co-supervised with Prof. St-Hilaire)
  24. Olatunde Sheriffdeen Raji, M.Eng., 2014, "Service Discovery in MANET with Focus on the Optimization of JXTA".
  25. Mohammad Hajikhani, M.A.Sc., 2013, "Bias Estimation in Asymmetric Packet-based Networks". (co-supervised with Prof. Schwartz)
  26. Md. Arifur Rahman, M.A.Sc., 2013, "Delay Asymmetry Correction Model for IEEE 1588 Synchronization Protocol". (co-supervised with Prof. Schwartz)
  27. Wang Xiang, M.A.Sc., 2013, "Flexible Residential Smart Grid Simulation Framework". (co-supervised with Prof. St-Hilaire)
  28. David Knox, PhD, 2013, "Measuring Wireless Fingerprints Inside a Wireless Sensor Network".
  29. Alice Izegbuwa Okundaye, M.A.Sc., 2013, "Inter-domain Routing for Tactical Mobile Ad-hoc Networks".
  30. Raheleh Niati, PhD, 2012, "Joint MAC Scheduling and Network Coding: From Wired Networks to Realistic Wireless Networks". (co-supervised with Prof. Banihashemi)
  31. Waheed Ahmed, M.A.Sc., 2012, "Clock Synchronization: Combining IEEE 1588 and Adaptive Oscillator Correction Method". (co-supervised with Prof. Schwartz)
  32. Rostam Shirani, M.A.Sc., 2011, "Reactive-Greedy-Reactive in Unmanned Aeronautical Ad-hoc Networks: A Combinational Routing Mechanism". (co-supervised with Prof. St-Hilaire)
  33. Suranjit Paul, M.C.S., 2011, "A Comparative Analysis between Forwarding and Network Coding Techniques for Multiple Wireless Networks".
  34. Ben Tatham, M.A.Sc., 2011, "Anchor Node Placement for Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks".
  35. Jin Cheng, M.A.Sc., 2011, "A Smart Home Networking Simulation for Energy Saving".
  36. Kashif Mahmood, M.A.Sc., 2010, "Adaptive Random Linear Network Coding with Controlled Forwarding for Wireless Broadcast". (co-supervised with Prof. Matrawy)
  37. Ereth McKnight-MacNeil, M.A.Sc., 2010, "CS-MNS: Analysis and Implementation".
  38. Shafagh Alikhani, M.A.Sc., 2010, "iCCA-MAP: A Mobile Node Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks". (co-supervised with Prof. St-Hilaire)
  39. Xiaoying Zhang, M.Eng., 2010, "An Energy-Efficient Broadcast Protocol in MANETs: Design and Evaluation".
  40. Hui Zhou, M.A.Sc., 2009, "Adaptive High-Accuracy Timing Module: Algorithms and Performance Bounds". (co-supervised with Prof. Schwartz)
  41. Gurpreet Saini, M.A.Sc.(TIM), 2009, "Examining the 4G Mobile Standard Convergence to the LTE Standard". (co-supervised with Prof. Tanev)
  42. Monageng Kgwadi, M.A.Sc., 2009, "Communication Protocol for Residential Electrical Demand Response in Home Devices".
  43. Carlos Valencia, M.A.Sc.(TIM), 2009, "Scheduling Alternatives for Mobile WiMAX: End-to-End Simulations and Analysis".
  44. Jean-Michel Bouffard, M.A.Sc., 2009, "Open Broadcasting Software Stack and Applications for Mobile Devices".
  45. Pedro Eduardo Villanueva-Pena, PhD, 2009, "GP-Pro: The Generative Programming Protocol Generator for Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks".
  46. Abdulbaset Gaddah, PhD, 2008, "A Pro-Active Mobility Management Scheme for Publish/Subscribe Middleware Systems".
  47. Bicheng Huang, M.Sc.(ISS), 2008, "Performance Analysis of Demand Response System on top of UMTS Network".
  48. David Kidston, PhD, 2008, "Policy-Enabled Traffic Engineering in Maritime Tactical Networks".
  49. Rana Alhalimi, M.C.S., 2007, "State Information Accuracy in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks Using OLSR".
  50. Hao Zhang, M. Eng., 2006, "Transport Layer Fairness and Congestion Control in Wireless Ad Hoc Access Networks".
  51. Carlos H. Rentel, PhD, 2006, "Network Time Synchronization and Code-based Scheduling for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks".
  52. Xiaojing Tao, PhD, 2005, "Traffic Balancing: A Method for Exploiting System Capacity in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks". (co-supervised with Prof. Falconer)
  53. Mohamed Abou El Saoud, M.A.Sc., 2005, "MANET Reference Configurations and Evaluation of Service Location Protocol for MANET". (co-supervised with Prof. Mahmoud)
  54. Yasser Gadallah, PhD, 2005, "PIES: Protocol Independent Energy Saving Technique for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks".
  55. Yasser L. Morgan, PhD, 2005, "Pylon-Lite: An Architectural Model for Cross-Domain QoS".
  56. Mojdeh Ghodousi, M.Eng., 2005, "Enabling QoS in Web Service Composition in a P2P Environment". (mostly supervised by Prof. White, School of Computer Science, Carleton University)
  57. Steven Xu, M.C.S., 2004, "Mobility Support on Mesh Networks".
  58. Rakesh Arora, M.Eng., 2003, "TCP Networks with ECN over AQM". (mostly supervised by Prof. Yang, SITE, University of Ottawa)
  59. Ahmed Moustafa, M.C.S., 2002, "TCP over Mobile Ad-Hoc Access Networks".
  60. Ying Ge, M.C.S., 2002, "Quality-of-Service Routing in Ad-Hoc Networks Using OLSR".
  61. Omid Afnan, M.A.Sc., 2002, "Mobile Code for Mobile Devices: Migration for Improved Application Performance".
  62. Wenping Yang, M.Sc.(ISS), 2002, "Micro-Mobility Managment in Ad-Hoc Access Networks".
  63. Yufang Zhu, M.Sc.(ISS), 2002, "Pro-Active Connection Maintenance in AODV and MAODV".
  64. Wei Ding, M.Sc.(ISS), 2002, "Multicast Routing in Fixed Infrastructure and Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Networks with a Multicast Gateway".
  65. Jane Liu, M.Sc.(ISS), 2002, "Mobile Map: A Case Study in the Design & Implementation of a Mobile Application".
  66. Maoyu Wang, M.Sc.(ISS), 2001, "Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Route Optimization in Mobile IP".
  67. Mohammad Ismail, M.Sc.(ISS), 2001, "Routing Protocols for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks". (ISS project)
  68. Liang Qin, M.Sc.(ISS), 2001, "Pro-Active Route Maintenance in DSR".
  69. Yang Wang, M.C.S., 2001, "KMOT: A Mobile Code Toolkit for Resource-Constrained Portable Devices".
  70. Mohamed El Shentenawy, M.C.S., 2001, "Transcoding of JPG Images for Wireless Proxy Communication". (co-supervised with Prof. Hafez)
  71. Ed Cheng, M.Eng., 2001, "On-demand Multicast Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks".
  72. Abdulbaset Gaddah, M.C.S., 2000, "WWW Browsing Using a Transcoding Proxy". (co-supervised with Prof. Hafez)
  73. Xinan Zhou, M.C.S., 2000, "Cellular Trace Data: Analysis, Models and Scenarios".
  74. Yi Wang, M.Eng., 2000, "Visualizing the Execution of Object-Oriented Code Mobility Applications".
  75. Salim Omar, M.C.S., 2000, "A Mobile Code Toolkit for Adaptive Mobile Applications".
  76. Uvaiz Ahmed, M.Eng., 1999, "Performance Evaluation of Explicit Congestion Notification methods in IP Networks: ECN and BECN". (co-supervised with Prof. Lambadaris)
  77. Jianwen Wang, M.C.S., 1999, "A Proxy Server Infrastructure for Adaptive Mobile Applications"
  78. Atif Siddiqi, M.Sc.(ISS), 1999, "Location Management Proposals: Survey and Evaluation".
  79. Zi Cai, M.Sc.(ISS), 1999, "Location-Aware Mobile Applications" (project).
  80. Kenny Fok, M.Math., 1998, "A Simulator for Wireless Local Networks".
  81. Hai Yan Lo, M.Math., 1997, "M-Mail: A Case Study of Dynamic Application Partitioning in Mobile Computing".
  82. John Scourias, M.Math., 1997, "Dynamic Location Management and Activity-Based Mobility Modelling for Cellular Networks".
  83. Scott Taylor, M.Math., 1996, "Distributed Systems Management Architectures" (essay).
  84. Stuart Wachsberg, M.Math., 1996, "Efficient Information Access for Wireless Computers", (co-supervised with Johnny Wong).
  85. Marc Khouzam, M.Math. 1996 Single Stepping in Event Visualization Tools for Distributed Applications
  86. Michiel Seuren, M.Sc., 1996, (visiting student from Eindoven University of Technology, The Netherlands), "Design and Implementation of an Automatic Event Abstraction Tool".
  87. Holger H. Hoos, Diplom-Informatiker 1994, "Strukturorientierte Beschreibung und Erzeugung von Musik "(translation: Structure-Oriented Description and Generation of Music).
  88. Thomas Schweizer, Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker 1994, "Beurteilung der Qualitaet von abstrakten Ereignissen" (translation: Evaluating the Quality of Abstract Events).

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