Dr. Roshdy H.M. Hafez: Graduate Students

In progress:


P15    Rami Sabouni (PhD) : “Vehicular Wireless Ad-Hoc  Networking"

P14     Aizaz U. Chaudhry (PhD): “Interference-Free Channel Assignments in Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks”

P13     Rajab Legnain (PhD) : “Application of MIMO Channel estimation in FDMA Cognitive Radio systems”


Completed Supervised Ph.D. Programs:


P12     Alabeei, Saad (2011) : “Cross-Layer Design of Wireless Mesh Networks”

P11     Dahman, Ghassan (2010) : “Channel Estimation and Physical Location Parameters of Wireless Mesh networks”

P10     Barnawi, Abdulaziz (2009) : “Power-Aware Sensor networks with Hybrid Fixed/Ad-Hoc Access Points”

P9       Dawod, Nadem (2006) : “Performance Analysis of MIMO-OFMA in Widely-Spaced Antenna Arrays”

P8       H. Zhu (2005): “Efficient Scheduling Algorithms for Broadband Wireless Access”

P7       N. Adnani  (2004): “Rake Receiver Performance in Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Systems Operating at High Data Rates"”

P6       P. Larijani (2000) : “CDMA Access to Multimedia Wireless PCS Systems”

P5       G. Rajugoppal (1998): “Robust Video Communications over Wireless Packet Networks”

P4       F. Hendessi: (1998) (Co-supervised with A.U.H.Sheikh) "Frequency Shift Coding for High Tolerance to Near Co-channel Interference".

P3       N. Movahhidinia (1997): "Management and Control of Wireless Systems"

P2       R. Goubran (1987) "Design and Implementation of Efficient Voice/Data Mobile Radio Systems".

P1       M. El-Tanany (1982) (Co-supervised with J.Wight) "The Synchronization and Detection of TFM Signals in Digital Mobile Radio Systems".


Completed Supervised Master Programs:


M48   Rami Sabouni (2011) : “Evaluation of DSRC for V2V Communications”

M47   Meraj Siddiqui (2011): “A survey of vanet multimedia applications and a quantative performance analysis of 802.11a and 802.11p for a simple highway model”

M46   Nazia Ahmed (2011) : “Enhanced Topology Controlled Channel Assignment Algorithms”

M45   Aizaz Chaudhry (2010) : “Channel Assignment using Topology Control based on Power Control in Wireless Mesh Networks”

M44   Han, Min (Jessie) (2006) : “Modeling of Propagation Channels in Mixed Water/land”

M43   M. Mashhouri (2005) “Point-to-Point WiFi Channels Over Flat Land with low Antennas”

M42   X. Li (2004) : “Lifetime-Extended, power-Aware, Non-Position based Localized Routing in Hybrid Ad-Hoc/Infrastructure Network”

M41   A. Siddiqui (2004) : “Performance Evaluation of Voice Services Offered by High-Speed Wireless Packet Data”

M31   H. Sun (2003) : ”Fast Scheduling Strategies for WCDMA High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) System”

M30   H. Zhang (2003) : “Power Efficient Routing of Ad-Hoc Wireless network Communications”

M29   D. Culum (2002) :”Dynamic Fat Pipe Uplink Resource Allocation for WCDMA Systems”

M28   H. Lu, Hong  (2002): “Optimal Allocation of Power to AMCS for maximum Throughput in WCDMA”

M27   M. El-Shentenawy (2001): (co-supervised with T. Kunz) “Transcoding of JPEG for Wireless Proxy Communications”

M26   W. Wang (2000): ”Integration of Smart Antennas with Software radio“

M25   A. Gaddah (2000) : “WWW Browsing Using A Transcoding Proxy”

M24   M. Salamania (1998): “Inverse Multiplexing in CDMA Wireless Systems”

M23   Christine Q. Cai  (1998): “Power Control in Wideband Cellular CDMA Systems”

M22   P. Larijani (1997): "Reduction of ACI using DFE in Multipath Channels"

M21   P. Wang (1997): "Simulation of Signal reception in millimeter wave channels"

M20   M. Salamania (1996): (co-supervised with M.ElTanany) "Experimental Study of Multi-tone Modulations in Multipath Channels"

M19   J.P.Decryunaere (1996): "Invariant Transforms Using Neural Networks"

M18   X. Yao (1995): "Non-linear Channel Equalization using neural Networks"

M17   A. Darrat (1994): "Bit Timing Synchronizers for Code Division Multiple Access Schemes using Neural networks"

M16   D. Yu (1993): (Co-supervised with D.D.Falconer) "Simulation Study of Co-channel and Adjacent Channel Interferences in In-door Wireless Personal Communications"

M15   L. Lipoth (1993): (Co-supervised with R.A.Goubran) "Neural Network Classifiers of EEG Signals"

M14   S. Golestaneh (1992) (Co-supervised with S.Mahmoud) "Adjacent Channel Interference Reduction using Decision Feedback Equalizers"

M13   M. Thyagarajan (1991) (Co-supervised with D.D.Falconer)"Multi-Access Schemes for In-door Wireless Personal Communications in the 20-60 GHz Band"

M12   R. Hebert (1991) (Co-supervised with R.Goubran) "Acoustic Noise Reduction using Adaptive Filters"

M11   J. Lemieux (1990) (Co-supervised with M.El-Tanany) "Characterization and Modelling of the Portable Radio Channel with Diversity"

M10   L. Boucher (1990): “Comparison of FM and ACSB regarding Co-channel and Adj. Channel interference".

M9     B. Aboukarr (1990): (Co-supervised with S.Mahmoud)            "Adaptive Linearization of HP Amplifiers".

M8     E. Hum: (Co-supervised with A.U.H.Sheikh) "Burst-Trapping Error Correction Codes for Mobile Channels", 1988

M7     D. Boudreau (1987): "Design, Implementation and Evaluation of DMSK Modems for Mobile Communications".

M6     B. McPhail (1986): "Error Control Coding for Land Mobile Communications".

M5     W. Burchill (1986): "Theoretical and Experimental Studies of Fast Spectrogram Generation of Speech".

M4     T. Knight (1985): "Experimental Study of the Envelope Correlation Characteristics of Land Mobile Channels".

M3     M. Krym (1984): "Communications Protocols for Fibre Optics Local Area Networks".  

M2     A. Amakom (1980): (Co-supervised with J.Wight) “Theoretical and Experimental Studies of CVSK/FFSK Digital Voice over Radio Channels".

M1     A. Lam (1980): (Co-supervised with S.Mahmoud) "Forward Error Correction Techniques for Land Mobile Channels".