Dr. Roshdy H.M. Hafez: Courses & Tutorials

Tutorials in International Conferences:


T14    WSWIM, 2006, Malaga, Spain, “WiFi and WiMax: Theory and Practice”

T13    ICC2006 Istanbul, TurkeyWiFi and WiMax: Theory and Practice”

T12    WIC2004 Ottawa "WLAN Techniques"

T11    NOMS 2004 Seoul, S. Korea: "Broadband Wireless Access"

T10    ICC 2002 New York City "Broadband Wireless Access"

T9       NOMS 2002 Florence Italy "Wireless Networking"

T8       NOM’2000 Tutorial on "3G Wireless Access". Hawaii April 2000.

T7       DIMACS Wireless Summer School. Rutgers University.  “Broadband CDMA Systems”, July 2000

T6       NOM'2000 in Hawaii, April 2000

T5       International Communication Conference (ICC)' 99 Vancouver; Full day tutorial on "Broadband CDMA"

T4       Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC)’98. Ottawa. "CDMA and IS-95"

T3       ICC'98 Atlanta Georgia Half day tutorial on "CDMA and IS-95"

T2       NOMS'98 New Orleans ˝ day "Overview of Wireless Technologies"

T1       ICC'96 Dallas Full day tutorial on "Commercial DS-CDMA"


Short Courses:


SC14  LTE: Theory and Practice (2 days)                          2011-2012

SC13  UMTS Network Techniques (2 days)                      2003-2008

SC12  HSDPA- UMTS R5(2 days)                                      2005-2008

SC11  Fundamentals of 3G Wireless(2 days)                    2001-2005

SC10  Wireless LAN’s (2 days)                                           2001-2002

SC9    OFDM/CDMA 3G/4G Access                                  2001-2002

SC8      3G wireless (2 days)                                                1999-2001

SC7    TCP/IP and Mobile IP (2 days)                                 1999

SC6    Broadband CDMA Systems (3 days)                      1999

SC5    CDMA2000 Detailed Physical Layer                      1999

SC4    Broadband CDMA (4 days)                                      1998-99

SC3    DSP Applications in Wireless (5 days)                   1996-98

SC2    Wireless Communications (5 days)                        1996-98

SC1    High Speed Modems for Fixed Wireless (1 day)  1997-98


Graduate Courses:


G12    Access Network Techniques                                    2007-2011

G11    Introduction to Mobile Communications               2009

G10    Wireless Communication Systems (SYSC5608)   2000-2004

G9      Network Access Techniques (SYSC5804)             2003-2004, F2006

G8      Principles of Digital Communications (SYSC5504)    1998-2000, 1983-87        

G7      Advanced Digital Communications (SYSC5605) 1990-1993

G6      Neural Signal Processing (SYSC5601)                   1990-1993

G5      Stochastic processes (SYSC5503)                           1981-1992

G4      Digital Signal Processing (SYSC5602)                   1983-1984

G3      Queuing Theory (Directed Studies)                        1983-1984

G2      Source Coding, Data Compression (SYSC5607)   1981-1982

G1      Estimation and Detection (directed Studies)         1981-1982


Undergraduate Courses:


UG11 Microprocessors (SYSC-3601)                                2010-2011

UG10 Network and Computer Security                             2008

UG9   Multimedia Applications                                          2008

UG8   Communication Theory II (SYSC3503)                  Winter 2008

UG7   Systems and Simulation (SYSC3600)                     Winter 2008

UG6   Communication Theory (SYSC3501)                     2005-2006

UG5   Signals and Systems (SYSC3500)                           2004-2005, F2006

UG4   Systems and Simulation (SYSC3600)                     1998-2004                                               

UG3   Professional practices (ECOR4995)                       1994-1995

UG2   Numerical Methods (ECOR2606)                           1981-1989

UG1   Electrical energy conversion                                    1981-1990