2015-20: NCE - AGE-WELL; Co-Applicant; $180,000/year; Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology to Support Wellness. Co-Leader of WP5: Technology for Prevention and Reduction of Disease and Disability: Ambient-Based Patient Monitoring. PI: A. Mihailidis (Toronto) and A. Sixsmith (SFU). Total Network Funding: $36.6M over 5 years.



2016-19: NCE - CANet; Co-Applicant; Cardiac Arrhythmia Network. Total Network Funding: $26.3M over 5 years.



2014-19: NSERC - Discovery Grant (DG); $31,000/year; Context-Aware Data Analytics for Sensor Arrays.



2015-18: CIHR - CCNA – Project 15.4; $9,000/year; Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging; Ambient-Based Health Monitoring; PI: H. Chertkow.



2014-15: MITACS; $53,332; Mild Cognitive Impairment: Can Decline to Dementia be Monitored and Delayed by Computer-Based Games? with Chartwell Residences, Brain HQ and BRI.



2014-15: OCE - VIP Program; $50,000; Autonomous Fall Detection System; Ontario Centre of Excellence; NSERC Engage and Industry (ZWS).                                                            


2013-15: BRI and TAFETA; $19,200/year; Patient Monitoring Using Pressure-Sensitive Mats; Bruyère Continuing Care (TAFETA); Bruyère Research Institute and BAMO.



2013-14: NRCan - Research Contract; $19,775; Data Analytics and Sensor Technologies: Simulation of Energy and Utilities Sector Operational Environment to Address Security Vulnerabilities.



2010-14: CIHR Mobility Grant; $38,966/year; Monitoring the Progression of Bed Transfers Abilities using Pressure-Sensitive Mat Technology. PI: M. Bilodeau, Rehabilitation, University of Ottawa.     



2013-14: NSERC - Strategic Project Network (SPN); $93,479; Smart Beds for Patient Monitoring NSERC SPN with QNX and BB: $50,000 from NSERC and $43,479 from QNX



2013-14: NRCan - Research Contract; $21,902; Adaptation of Sensor Technology and Analytics Methodology to SCADA/ICS Systems with a Focus on Energy & Utilities Infrastructure Systems.



2013-14: QNX and BlackBerry- Research Grant; $35,000; Real-Time Operating Systems for Smart Beds.




2008-13: NSERC - Strategic Network Grant (SNG); $65,000/year; Healthcare Support through Information Technology Enhancements (hSITE); PI: David Plant, McGill; Total Network Funding $5M.



2008-11: NSERC – CHRP; $45,000/year; Integration of Bio Physiological Information with Point-of-Care Decision Support Systems for Safer Patient Care. PI:  Diane Doran, Nursing, University of Toronto.



2007-12: NSERC Discovery Grant (DG); $37,000/year for 5 years; Smart VoIP and Multimedia Terminals.



2007-10: NSERC - Strategic Project Grant (SPG); $124,000/year; Smart Environments and Communications for the Independent Living of Seniors.



2008-09: CIHR - Pilot Project; $43,650; Identification of Changes in Bed Pressure Patterns in Healthy Aging. PI: M. Bilodeau, Rehabilitation, University of Ottawa.



2007-08: NRCan - Research Contract; $22,750; Sensors Systems for Monitoring Gas Pipelines.