Dr. David D. Falconer: Graduate Students

Completed by Thesis, 2002-2009:

Y. Wang, “Phase Noise Estimation and Suppression for a SDMA DFT-Precoded OFDM System”, M.ASc. March, 2009.


F. Siddiqui, “Channel Estimation in Single Carrier Frequency Domain Equalization Space Division Multiple Access Systems”, (co-supervision with F. Danilo-Lemoine), PhD, April 2008.


J. Boyer, “Cooperative Connectivity Models for Wireless Relay Networks”, (co-supervision with H. Yanikomeroglu), PhD, September, 2007.


M. Sabbaghian, “Analysis and Performance Improvement of Serial Modulation Systems with Frequency Domain Equalization including Effects of Hardware Impairments”, PhD, August, 2007.


C-T Lam “Frequency Domain Channel Estimation and Equalization for Broadband Wireless Generalized Multicarrier Systems”, (co-supervision with F. Danilo-Lemoine), PhD, August 2007.


E. Yepez, “Prediction of Single and Multi-user Downlink Channel Capacities Based on Multiple Antenna propagagtion Measurements”, (co-supervision with R. Bultitude), PhD, May 2007.


W. Mahmoud, “Overlap-Save Receivers for Advanced DS-CDMA Wireless Systems”, M.ASc. Dec., 2005.


X. Tao, "Traffic Balancing: A Method to Exploit System Capacity in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks", (co-supervision with T. Kunz), PhD, Oct., 2005.


R. Kalbasi, "Frequency Domain Processing for Multiple Input/Multiple Output Channels", (co-supervision with A. Banihashemi), PhD, August, 2005.


X. Tang, "Coverage Enhancement with Analog Fixed Relaying in Cellular Radio Networks", M.ASc., Aug., 2003


F. Siddiqui, "Suppression of Intermittent Interference Using Smart Antennas" (co-supervision with F. Danilo-Lemoine), M.ASc., June, 2003


E. Armanious "Link Adaptation Techniques for Cellular Fixed Broadband Wireless Access Systems", (co-supervision with H. Yanikomeroglu), M.ASc., Jan. 2003


D. J. Lapointe, "Impulse Response Characterization and Space-Time Equalization Requirements for Fixed Broadband Wireless Systems at 29.5 GHz", M.Sc, Nov., 2002.


V. Sreng, “Coverage Enhancement Through Two-Hop Relaying in Cellular Radio Systems” (co-supervision with H. Yanikomeroglu), M.ASc., Jan. 2002


Updated: July 24, 2009