Setup SSH agent in Windows:

The use of the ssh agent means that you don't have to type in your password all the time with SVN. Its a little complicated to setup, but these instructions should help:

Do the following once:

  1. Download and run Puttygen.exe
  2. Select SSH-2 RSA at the bottom of the PuTTY Key Generator window for the "Type of key to generate" section.
  3. Click the "Generate" button.
  4. Enter some "Key passphrase" (suggestion, your SCE unix password).
  5. Enter the same passphrase in "Confirm passphrase".
  6. Click "Save private key" and save your private key (suggestion: to My Documents/putty-private-key).
  7. In the top of the PuTTY Key Generator window, there should now be your public key shown ready for copying and pasting (it starts with ssh-rsa and then has a number of lines of random text).
  8. Download and run Putty.exe to log into
  9. Type these commands in the PuTTY window, pasting in your public key from the PuTTY Key Generator at the appropriate spot.
       mkdir .ssh
       chmod go-rwx .ssh
       cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys
    EDIT −> PASTE the public key
       ^D  ( TYPE CTRL D)
       chmod go-rwx .ssh/authorized_keys
  10. Download and save Pageant.exe to C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Do the following every time you need to access a password less ssh connection:

Now, whenever you want to setup your password-less connection, do the following:
  1. Run Pageant.exe (icon will appear in your desktop tray)
  2. Double-click on pageant icon in tray
  3. Click "Add Key"
  4. Select your private key file (My Documents/putty-private-key)
  5. Enter in your key passphrase that you used above (the suggestion was your SCE unix password).

Note: This document is a modified version of Prof. Adler's SVN instructions. Last Updated: $Date: 2009-04-12 07:21:26 -0400 (Sun, 12 Apr 2009) $