Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

TeleLearning Research Laboratory

March 29, 2000
Final Report Project 3.22
"Trends in Telecommunications and Their Impact on TeleLearning" by David C. Coll


The TeleLearning Research Laboratory (TL) in The Department of Systems and Computer Engineering is devoted to the application of multimedia computer technology and broadband, integrated communication networks to the delivery and support of distance education.

Emphasis is placed on the application of computer-enhanced video-conferencing technology to the delivery and support of workplace training, particularly at the post-secondary level. Activities are focused on the development of an integrated facility useable by non-technical instructors and students.

Research Program

The major activity in the TeleLearning Research Laboratory is called "TelePresence Technologies Over Broadband Networks". This research is conducted as Project 6-1-4 of the TeleLearning Research Network (TL-NCE), a Network of Centres of Excellence, program.


Project Leader: Professor David C. Coll: (Department of Systems and Computer Engineering)

Principal Investigator: Professor Richard F. Dillon (Department of Psychology)

Research Associate: Shuyang Shi (Systems and Computer Engineering)


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