Department of Systems and Computer Engineering
Ottawa, Canada

John W. Chinneck: Graduate Students

In Progress:

         Babneet Singh, M.A.Sc., Task Deployment in Multi-Clouds (co-supervised with Murray Woodside).

        Vladislav Brion, M.A.Sc., Online Optimization

         Wentao Cui, Ph.D., Applications of the Maximum Feasible Subsystem Problem.

         Behnaz Fakhar Firouzeh, Ph.D., Improved Compressive Sensing (co-supervised with Sreeraman Rajan)


         Mubashsharul Shafique, Ph.D., Heuristic Global Optimization, 2017.

         Ravneet Kaur, M.A.Sc., Lightweight Robust Optimizer for Distributed Application Deployment in Multi-Clouds (with C.M.Woodside), 2015.

         Aizaz Chaudhry, Ph.D., Spectrum Requirements for Interference-Free Wireless Mesh Networks (with R. Hafez), 2015.

         Hanan Mahmoud, M.A.Sc. Achieving Integer Feasibility Quickly by Alternating Axis-Parallel and General Disjunctions, 2012.

         Laurence Smith, Ph.D., Improved Placement of Local Solver Launch Points for Large-scale Global Optimization (with V. Aitken), 2011.

         Zhanwen Li, Ph.D., Fast Optimization for Scalable Application Deployments in Large Service Centers (with C.M. Woodside), 2011.

         Julian Andean, M.A.Sc., Creating Better Binary Classification Trees Using Non-Greedy Methods, 2009.

         Jennifer Pryor, M.A.Sc., Branching Variable Direction Selection in Mixed Integer Programming, 2009.

         D.T. Wojtaszek, Ph.D., Faster MIP Solutions via New Node Selection Rules, 2008.

         Matthew MacLeod, M.A.Sc., Multistart Constraint Consensus for Seeking Feasibility in NLPs, 2006.

         A.S. Moghrabi, M.Eng., Adaptive Construction of Classification Decision Trees, 2004.

         Suryani Chao, M.A.Sc., Scheduling in DSP Multiprocessor Systems, 2002.

         Jagat Patel, M.A.Sc., Active-Constraint Variable Ordering Schemes for Faster Feasibility of Mixed Integer Linear Programs, 2002.

         W. Ibrahim, Ph.D., A Novel QoS Aware Integrated Charging and Resource Control Framework for Next Generation Wireless Networks, 2002.

         H. Li, M.Sc.(by project), Graphical Interface for Network Optimization, 1999.

         K. Ramadan, M.Sc., Linear Programming with Interval Coefficients, 1997.

         O. Guieu, M.Sc., Analyzing Infeasible Mixed-Integer and Integer Linear Programs, 1995. Senate medal winner for master's thesis.

         E.W. Dravnieks, Ph.D., A Methodology for the Formulation and Solution of Global Optimization Problems, 1994.

         Z.P. You, M.Sc., Localization and Diagnosis of Petri Net Model Errors by Viability Analysis, (with M. Woodside), 1993.

         P. Bishop, M.Eng. Coherent Planning Model for the Development of Integrated Materials Plans and Production Schedules (with J. Knight), 1992.

         R. Chow, M.Sc., Gate Level Transistor Sizing by Nonlinear Optimization, (with M. Lefebvre), 1992.

         R.G. Brown, Ph.D., An Architecture for Extending Constraint Satisfaction, (with G.M. Karam), 1991.

         R.H.H. Moll, Ph.D., Modelling Regeneration and Pest Control Alternatives for a Forest System in the Presence of Fire Risk, 1991.

         M. Lavoie, M.Sc., Task Assignment in a DSP Multiprocessor Environment, 1990.

         E.W. Dravnieks, M.Sc., Identifying Minimal Sets of Inconsistent Constraints in Linear Programs: Deletion, Squeeze and Sensitivity Filtering, 1989.

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