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 +**Project Title: Optical hand-held probe for skin cancer\\
 +Supervisor: **Sreeraman Rajan (
 +Description: ​
 +The goal of this project is to develop a hand-held probe for detecting skin cancer using nonlinear optical imaging. This probe will use a high power femtosecond laser to scan the skin surface using a MEMS mirror. The student will be involved in developing an FPGA-based image acquisition system for this probe.
 +Please contact Dr. Murugkar (http://​​~smurugkar/​) in the Department of Physics at Carleton University to be a part of this exciting research in biophotonics. Dr. Sreeraman Rajan from Systems and Computer Engineering will be cosupervising this project.
 +Needed background: ​ Knowledge of FPGA, image processing and signal processing fundamentals,​ good knowledge of electronics,​ embedded design.
 +Biomedical specialty is not a must. Having the ability to design circuits and use FPGA is essential.
 **Title: Development of real-time embedded systems using a model-based approach** ​ **Title: Development of real-time embedded systems using a model-based approach** ​
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