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M.Eng. Projects

M.Eng students can take a special course, in which they develop a small project. The basic Calendar description is as follows:

SYSC 5900 [0.5 credit] (ELG 6188) Systems Engineering Project Students pursuing the non-thesis M.Eng. program conduct an engineering study, analysis, and/or design project under the supervision of a faculty member.

These are on-campus projects in which, instead of taking a course, you work for one term under the supervision of a Professor in your area of choice. It must be a faculty member in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering.

Most professors are available to supervise such projects; if you took a course and you like the topics, contact the professor and discuss the option of doing a project.

Once you have found a professor who has agreed to supervise your SYSC5900 project you will need to submit an override request through Carleton Central for the course. In the comments section list who the supervisor will be.

This is a list of some of the projects proposed by some of the professors in the Department.

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