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Courses Outside the Program

Backdated approval WILL NOT be granted.

We encourage all students to take their courses from the approved list of courses designated for their program. You will find the list in the University's Calendar for Graduate Students.

Students could have a maximum of 2 courses for MEng, 2 courses for MASc and 1 course for PhD (maximum of two “relevant” courses from Technology Innovation Management for MEng and 1 course for MASc & PhD) from outside of their degree (with department permission; you need the approval of you Supervisor or Advisor). Such courses will only be approved if they strongly related to the ECE program. You must follow these steps:

  1. Obtain permission from your Academic Advisor (please provided detailed information on how this course relates to your program and supply a course outline) or Supervisor agreeing for it to be counter towards your degree requirements. MASc and PhD students email their supervisor approval to
  2. Once approved, you will need to submit an override request for that course through Carleton central.
  3. The department in which the course belongs to, will approve or deny it based on whether they can accommodate any extra students in their course. The Systems and Computer Engineering Department does not make this decision. (Important information about these issues here).
  4. If successful, and once a grade is received, it will be listed as extra to degree. At the end of your program when we are preparing your audit for graduation anything that is extra to degree will be moved up to be included under your program requirements.


Please be advised TIMG5006 & EACJ5211 are considered the same content and course. Credit can only be granted for one.

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