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New Protocol Submissions:

• All ethics protocol submissions are now being accepted only through CuResearch using the most recent CUREB PROTOCOL FORM available at New CuResearch users should email for an account and instructions.

• All Changes to Protocol and Annual Renewal/Closure Reports should also be submitted in CuResearch going forward. These forms are available at If there are any issues with submitting these forms please email

Process for Supervisor Approval:

• Please note that we have a new process in place for supervisor approval.

1. The supervisor may sign a Supervisor Signature form to demonstrate their approval of a student submission. The student can attach this document to any CUREB-A/B application and submit revisions as the PI: . Note: students should still list their supervisor as a member of the research team so both will be cc’ed on all correspondence.

2. Alternatively, the student may upload and save the revised documents/response letter in CuResearch. The supervisor may then login, review the documents and submit them to CUREB-A/B for review.

3. If a supervisor is unable to complete one of the above processes, an email to will be accepted as confirmation of supervisor approval.

Course Clearance Form:

• Instructors may now use a shortened form to request a course clearance for minimal risk research conducted in classrooms. This form is available on the website: Please submit the course clearance form in CuResearch.

Terms of Reference for Departmental Research Ethics Subcommittee Boards:

• Interested departments may form a subcommittee to conduct an intra-departmental ethics review for course-based research. Please see the website for more details: • Departments may contact to express interest.

Suicide Protocol for Use in Research Settings:

• This year a joint CUREB-A/B sub-committee worked diligently to provide a Suicidal Ideation Guideline. The guidelines have been expanded and updated in accordance with the University Student Mental Health Framework as well as the needs of the broader university research community. The revised protocol can be found on the website:


• Sylvie Jasen assumed the position of Research Compliance Coordinator for Carleton University Research Ethics Board-A; Alisha Seguin continues as Research Compliance Coordinator for CUREB-B.

We will continue to update you as changes occur. If you have any questions or would like clarification on anything please email

Don’t forget to check out the new ethics website

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