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 ====== Some important deadlines ====== ====== Some important deadlines ======
-[[http://​​registrar/​registration/​ | REGISTRATION ​Summer 2017 –]] +[[http://​​registrar/​registration/​ | REGISTRATION ​Winter 2019 –]] 
 [[http://​​dates/​ | You can find the complete list of dates here]]. ​ [[http://​​dates/​ | You can find the complete list of dates here]]. ​
 +**WDN now viewable on Transcripts:​
 +Starting Fall 2017 term and going forward you have till the full fee adjustment date (September 30, January 31, etc.) to withdraw from a course without it be reflected on your transcript. If you withdraw from a course after the fee adjustment date (Oct.1, Feb.1) you will have a WDN for that course appear on your official and unofficial Carleton University transcripts.
 +**Important info for TA'S:
 +Please note that as per the Collective Agreement Section 13.04 (f) TA assignment offers shall be accepted or declined within 10 working days of the date of the offer. Failure to accept an assignment offer by the above deadline without reasonable cause will constitute declining of the position for that term.
 ===== Important dates for graduate students ​ ===== ===== Important dates for graduate students ​ =====
-June 13: Last day of early summer term classes. Last day for academic withdrawal from early summer term courses (no financial adjustment). 
-June 15: Financial holds preventing registration ​will be applied ​to accounts ​with an outstanding balanceIn order to prevent delayed registration ​for fall and winter courses, ​please ensure that Carleton has received payment ​for your outstanding balance prior to this date.+September 30, 2018\\ Last day to withdraw from fall term and fall/winter courses with a full fee adjustment. Withdrawals after this date will result in a permanent notation of WDN on the official transcript.\\ 
 +October 8, 2018\\ Statutory holiday. University closed.\\ 
 +October 22-26, 2018\\ Fall break, no classes. \\ 
 +November 9, 2018\\ Last day to request Formal Examination Accommodation Forms for December examinations to the Paul Menton Centre for Students ​with DisabilitiesNote that it may not be possible ​to fulfil accommodation requests received after the specified deadlines. \\ 
 +November 23, 2018\\ Last day for summative tests or examinations or formative tests or examinations totalling more than 15% of the final grade before the official examination period (see examinations regulations in the Academic Regulations of the University section of the Undergraduate Calendar/​General Regulations of the Graduate Calendar). \\ 
 +December 1, 2018\\ Last day for receipt of applications from potential winter (February) graduates.\\ 
 +December 7, 2018\\ Fall term ends. Last day of fall term classes. Classes follow a Monday schedule. Last day for take home examinations to be assigned, with the exception of those conforming to the examinations regulations in the Academic Regulations of the University section of the Undergraduate Calendar/​General Regulations of the Graduate Calendar. Last day for academic withdrawal from fall term courses. Last day for handing in term work and the last day that can be specified by a course instructor as a due date for term work for fall term courses.\\ 
 +December 9-21, 2018\\ Final examinations in fall term courses and mid-term examinations in fall/winter courses ​may be held.\\ 
 +December 212018\\ All take home examinations are due on this day, with the exception of those conforming to the examinations regulations in the Academic Regulations of the University section of the Undergraduate Calendar/​General Regulations of the Graduate Calendar.\\ 
 + \\ 
 +December 24, 2018\\ Deadline ​for course outlines ​to be made available to students registered in winter term courses.\\ 
 +December 25 through January 1, 2019 inclusive\\ University closed.\\ 
 +January 2, 2019\\ University reopens.\\ 
 +January 7, 2019\\ Winter term classes begin.\\ 
 +January 18, 2019\\ Last day for registration for winter term courses. Last day to change courses or sections (including auditing) for winter term courses. Graduate students who have not electronically submitted their final thesis copy to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs will not be eligible to graduate in winter 2019 and must register for the winter 2019 term.\\  
 +January 18-20, 25-27, 2019\\ Fall term deferred final examinations will be held.\\ 
 +January 31, 2019\\ Last day for withdrawal from winter term and winter portion of fall/winter courses with full fee adjustment. Withdrawals after this date will result in a permanent notation of WDN on the official transcript.\\  
 +February 15, 2019\\ April examination schedule available online. 
 +February 18, 2019\\ Statutory holiday. University closed. 
 +February 18-22, 2019\\ Winter Break, no classes. 
 +March 1, 2019\\ Last day for receipt of applications from potential spring (June) graduates. Last day for graduate students to submit their supervisor-approved thesis, in examinable form to the department. Last day for receipt of applications for admission from candidates who wish to be guaranteed consideration for financial assistance (including Carleton fellowships,​ scholarships and teaching assistantships) administered by Carleton University. Candidates whose applications are received after the March 1 deadline may be considered for the award of a fellowship, scholarship or teaching assistantship (Graduate students only).
-July 3Statutory holidayUniversity closed.+For a complete list of all official academic and financial dates and deadlines, please go to the Registrar’s website.​registrar/​ For all financial matters, go to Student Accounts. https://​​studentaccounts/ ​
-July 4: Late summer classes begin. Late payment charges and late registration charges applied to the student account on or after this date for students registering only in late summer courses.+**TA DEADLINES** \\
-July 11: Last day to register ​for late summer coursesLate registration charges will be applied if registering for late summer ​courses after the July 4 payment deadline. ​+The deadlines ​to apply for a Leave From Duties are: Aug31 (fall term), Dec. 31 (winter term) and April 30 (summer ​term) (access form via Carleton Central) \\
-July 24Last day for a fee adjustment ​(financial withdrawalwhen withdrawing from late summer ​term coursesWithdrawals after this date will create no financial change to late summer ​term fees.+Deadline to apply to be an “out-of-priority” TA are as followsAugust 15 (Fall/Winter term), December 15 (Winter ​term) and April 15 (Spring/​Summer term)You can apply once you are registered as a full-time student in the respective ​term (For fall, registration opens June 23)\\
-August 7: Statutory holidayUniversity closed.+“Pedagogical” training hours must be completed by Nov30 for a fall-only TAship and by March 30 for a full academic year TAship or a winter-only TAship\\
-August 16: Summer term financial holds preventing access ​to grades through Carleton Central and the release ​of official documents will be applied ​to accounts with an outstanding balanceLast day of late and full summer term classes. Last day for academic withdrawal from late and full summer term courses (no financial adjustment).+TAs – Please note that it can take up to two weeks before your attendance at workshops is recorded. You are strongly encouraged to track your progress independently ​of the TA Management System in order to ensure its accuracyIn the event of a discrepancy,​ you are responsible ​for ensuring your training is captured in Carleton Central.
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