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As stated in the Graduate Calendar: “All interested students should consult their program graduate supervisor/associate chair (graduate affairs), prior to registration, in order to obtain further information on particular departmental conditions of eligibility and procedures”.

At the start of the term, they should contact their Advisor to discuss courses, procedures, departmental conditions, etc.

At present, M.Eng. students @ SCE can only take three courses per term. Top students can take 4 courses after completing two terms, if they meet the requirements. You can email your request to The conditions to take four courses are as follows:

  • The student has a GPA of A- (10/12), and has taken 3 courses with at least A- in each course in the last term.
  • Continuous registration (Fall, Winter and Summer)
  • Exceptional cases with the support of the Advisor and the Graduate Chair (this requires proper documentation proving the reason for the exception, and should be discussed with the Advisor and Graduate Chair).

Students must complete ten approved graduate courses (5 credits):

  • At least seven out of the ten courses must be offered by the OCIECE (SYSC, ELEC or EACJ).
  • At least five of the OCIECE courses must be offered by the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering (SYSC, select EACJ courses eacj_courses)
  • With special approval due to extenuating circumstances at most two of the SYSC courses could be undergraduate courses selected from the following list: 4th Year Courses
  • Student may take up to three courses outside OCIECE. Instructions can be found here. If a course is cross listed with a SYSC course (precludes additional credit) you must register in the SYSC course. These courses could be any approved graduate course offered by any of the following programs:

Biomedical Engineering -
Computer Science -
Human Computer Interaction -
Information Technology -
Mathematics -
Statistics -
Technology Innovation Management -

* At this time the TIMG department may not approve registration requests from students outside of their department

All students are assigned an Advisor for their graduate program. Your MEng advisor is Professor Yuu Ono

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