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Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs Process for Grade Appeals

The basic process for requesting a grade appeal is outlined in Article13.6 of the Graduate Calendar General Regulations.

The procedures to follow are itemized below.

Prior to contacting the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs

  1. The student must contact the chair/director of her/his department to request a grade appeal.
  2. The chair/director will assess the merits of the request and may conduct an internal grade review.
  3. Should the chair/director determine that the appeal must be forwarded to the Associate Dean of FGPA s/he will instruct the student to follow the steps below (see B).
  4. Should the chair choose to conduct an internal grade review, the student may appeal the result of this review and contact the Associated Dean of FGPA (see B).

Appealing the grade review with the Associate Dean of FGPA

The student:

  1. Sends a written request outlining his or her rationale for requesting a grade review to the Associate Dean (Student and Postdoctoral Affairs) and attaches a cheque for $50.00 made out to FGPA.
  2. Sends the Associate Dean the original assignment(s) for review and two unmarked copies of the original paper(s)/assignment(s).
  3. Sends the Associate Dean a breakdown of all the grades received in the course – including grades received for material not under review
  4. Sends any other relevant material including a copy of the course outline, assignment directions, and assignment marking/grading scheme.

The Associate Dean of FGPA:

  1. Creates a student file of the case including the original assignment(s) and copies of all pertaining documents.
  2. Asks the Department Chair or the Graduate Program Supervisor for the names of two potential re-readers judged to be appropriate to assess this work.
  3. Contacts the two re-readers.
  4. Averages the grades submitted by these two re-readers to create a final review grade.
  5. Sends a final report to the student with the re-readers comments attached (all identifying information concerning the re-readers is removed) and a final averaged grade.
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