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The Department of Systems and Computer Engineering hosts over 400 Graduate Students.

Every year, we receive requests from over 400 new students. They are evaluated by an Admissions Committee. This is a complex process that takes time, as it requires a detailed evaluation of the files, matching a student with a potential supervisor, securing funding, and other important aspects.

The evaluation process starts when ALL your required documents are uploaded into the system. Until then, the student file is not sent to the committee (as a student cannot be admitted in the program unless all the required documentation is available for evaluation).

If you have submitted all your documents, your file is being evaluated. If you have completed your file, and you do not receive a response in one month, please contact the Graduate Assistant

You will find basic information about Admissions here.

Detailed questions about the program? Contact

If you have been offered an admission please make sure you attend to conditions on your admission ASAP. Registration and your student status cannot be activated till all conditions are satisfied and removed from your admission.

All students are required to be on campus and attending classes the first week of classes. Late arrival can result in withdrawing your admission. If you cannot make it for the first week of classes (due to conditions or study permit issues) please let the graduate administrator know ASAP.

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