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4th Year Undergrad Courses

If additional background is required to assist students with their thesis or research project, some 4th year courses are approved to be taken as part of the program. MASc students may opt to register in one 4th year undergrad course and MEng students may opt to register in two.

Strong rationale and need must be presented before the offical request is made.

It is also the discretion of the instructor whether pre-requisites will be enforced

List of approved 4th year courses:

SYSC 4001 Operating Systems
SYSC 4101 Software Validation
SYSC 4102 Performance Engineering
SYSC 4405 Digital Signal Processing
SYSC 4502 Communications Software
SYSC 4504 Distributed Network Processing
SYSC 4505 Automatic Control Systems I
SYSC 4507 Computer Systems Architecture
SYSC 4600 Digital Communications
SYSC 4602 Computer Communications (cannot be taken if SYSC5201 or EACJ 5607 has been taken)
SYSC 4604 Digital Communication Theory
SYSC 4607 Wireless Communications

If support is given by your advisor or supervisor you then need to complete the Engineering Request Form found on the Undergraduate Academic Support Scheduler Tool found here:

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