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# Method for Performing Fair Resource Allocation in OFDMA-based Relay Networks. Mohamed Salem, Abdulkareem Adinoyi, Halim Yanikomeroglu, David Falconer, and Young-Doo Kim; filed on 16 March 2009 in Korea (filing number: P2009-0022132); USA and international applications are under process.

# Apparatus and Method for Allocating Subchannels and Controlling Interference in OFDMA Systems. Mohamed Salem, Abdulkareem Adinoyi, Mahmudur Rahman, Halim Yanikomeroglu, David Falconer, and Young-Doo Kim; filed on 11 June 2008 in Korea (filing number: P2008-0054726); filed on 22 December 2008 in USA (United States Patent Application No. 12/341,933); international application is under process.

# Verfahren und Vorrichtung zur Schtzung von Kanalparametern (EFEC) Procedure and Apparatus for Estimating Channel Parameters. Stefan Valentin, Tobias Volkhausen, Furuzan Atay Onat, Holger Karl, and Halim Yanikomeroglu; EU patent application, filed by University of Paderborn, 31 January 2008; international filing is in progress.

# Method and System for Capacity and Coverage Enhancement in Wireless Networks with Relays. Shalini Periyalwar, Omer Mubarek, and Halim Yanikomeroglu; international filing date: 29 September 2005; international application no: PCT/CA2005/001475; United States Patent Application No.: 11/664,135 filed on 29 March 2007.

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