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 ====== SCE Professors In the News ====== ====== SCE Professors In the News ======
 +[[http://www5.carleton.ca/fgpa/2012/carleton-phd-candidate-is-in-his-prime | Jeff Gilchrist, Prof. Frize's student, at Carleton's Grad Student Research]].
 +[[http://www.exchangemagazine.com/morningpost/2012/week19/Thursday/12051006.htm | Advanced Real-Time Simulation Lab and and Network Management and Artificial Intelligence Lab in All Things Digital]]
 +[[http://cupwire.ca/articles/52543 | Prof. Monique Frize on ethics at Canadian University Press]]
 [[http://www5.carleton.ca/fgpa/2012/grad-student-flexes-his-research-muscles | Graham Fraser on Biomedical research]] [[http://www5.carleton.ca/fgpa/2012/grad-student-flexes-his-research-muscles | Graham Fraser on Biomedical research]]
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