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Best Paper Awards

  • Profs. Thomas Kunz and Marc St-Hilaire were co-chairs of the Workshop on Multihop Wireless Network Testbeds and Experiments, which took place in conjunction with 7th International Wireless Communications and Computing Conference (IWCMC 2011) in Istanbul, Turkey, July 2011. The workshop was given the Best Workshop Award.
  • Prof. Gabriel Wainer and his students Ahmed Ahmed and Mohammad Moallemi obtained the runner-up Best Paper Award on the Summer Computer Simulation Conference 2011 for their paper entitled “VCELL: A 3D Real-time Visual Simulation in Support of Combat”.
  • Prof Anthony Whitehead and his student Jeremy Kuzub obtained the Best Paper Award at the 2011 Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision for their paper “Improved Pressure Sensitive Paint Measurement Using Natural Feature Tracking and Piecewise Linear Resection”.
  • Solomon Fung, Ivan Krotnev, Paul Ma, and Mark Totten (co-supervised by Dr. Trevor Pearce) receives 2nd Place at the IEEE Paper Competition 2011 for the Smart Rollator project.
  • Prof. Adler received a Best Technical Imaging Paper in the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology Award (2010) for his paper “Intra- and inter-operator repeatability of myocardial blood flow and myocardial flow reserve measurements using Rubdium-82 PET and a highly automated analysis program” (Authors: %Klein R., Renaud J. M., Ziadi M. C., Thorn S. L., Adler A., Beanlands R. S., deKemp R. A.)
  • Profs. R. Yu, H. Tang, and their student R. Ramamoorthy won the Outstanding Contribution award at IEEE/IFIP Trustcom'10.
  • Prof. Wainer and his students R. Goldstein, N. Farran, H. Yigang, S. Lissari, obtained the runner-up Best Paper Award for the 2010 ACM/SCS Summer Computer Simulation Conference for their paper “Applying the TPS Method To Modeling And Simulation Of Biological Systems”. 2010.
  • Prof. Wainer (with M. Bonaventura and R. Castro) obtained the runner-up Best Paper Award in the ACM/SCS SpringSim 2010 for their paper “Advanced IDE for Modeling and Simulation of Discrete Event Systems” .
  • Prof. Adler (with John Arnold, Richard Bayford, Andrea Borsic, Brian Brown, Paul Dixon, Theo Faes, Inez Frerichs, Herve Gagnon, Yvo Garber, Bartlomiej Grychtol, Gunter Hahn, William Lionheart, Anjum Malik, Robert P Patterson, Janet Stocks, Andrew Tizzard, Norbert Weiler and Gerhard K Wolf) received the 2010 Martin Black award for the best article in Physiological Measurement during 2009, for their paper “GREIT: a unified approach to 2D linear EIT reconstruction of lung images”.
  • Aliasgar Morbi (co-supervised by Dr. Mojtaba Ahmadi and Dr. Robert Langlois, Department of Mechanical and Aerospacing Engineering) received first place in the student paper competition in the Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Conference, Calgary AB, 2009.
  • J. Gilchrist and his supervisor Prof. A. Cuhadar won the best paper award at the IEEE Advanced Information Networking and Applications Conference for his work on “Parallel Lossless Data Compression based on the Burrows-Wheeler Transform”. 2007.
  • Furqan Haq and Prof. T. Kunz won the Best Student Paper Award at the International Workshop on Wireless Ad-hoc Networks (IWWAN 2005).
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