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SCE Awards

  • The Symposium of Theory of Modeling and Simulation (TMS/DEVS 2012), organized by Prof. Wainer, obtained the Best Symposium Award during SpringSim 2012.
  • CU@EMBS, Carleton's IEEE EMBS Student Club, has received the 2011 Outstanding Performance Award (an international competition among IEEE EMBS student clubs/chapters).
  • Profs. Kunz and Yanikomeroglu have won the inaugural Faculty Graduate Mentoring Awards 2010-11. They have been chosen for their demonstrated ability to render exceptional mentoring services and for supporting and fostering transformational effects on the careers of their graduate students.
  • Prof. Monique Frize is a Distinguished University Professor at Carleton University. 2010.
  • Prof. David Coll is a Fellow of Engineers Canada (FEC) “in honour of exceptional contributions to the engineering profession in Canada”. 2010.
  • Prof. David Falconer received an honorary Doctorate of Science by the University of Edinburgh, based on his contributions in the areas of adaptive signal processing for wired and wireless modems and next-generation broadband wireless communications systems. 2009.
  • Halim Yanikomeroglu received Carleton University Research Achievement Award 2008-9.
  • Adrian Chan receives Carleton University Teaching Achievement Award 2008-9.
  • Prof. David Falconer is the winner of the most prestigious IEEE Canada Fessenden Award 2009. The award is given to “outstanding Canadian engineers recognized for their important contributions to the field of telecommunications engineering”.
  • Prof. David Falconer won the 2008 IEEE Technical Committee on Wireless Communications Recognition Award.
  • Prof. G. Wainer obtained an Leadership Award by the Society of Modeling and Simulation International. 2007.
  • Prof. Tony Bailetti received Carleton's Breakthrough Leadership award. 2007.
  • Prof. Murray Woodside was named an IEEE Fellow. This grade recognizes unusual distinction in the profession and is conferred only by invitation of the Board of Directors of the IEEE upon a person of outstanding and extraordinary qualifications who has made important individual contributions to one or more of these fields. Prof. Woodside was recognized for contributions to real-time software systems performance engineering. 2007.
  • Prof. Peter Liu received an Early Research Award. 2006 .
  • Prof. Peter Liu received a Carty Research Fellowship Award. 2006 .
  • Prof. Adrian Chan obtained the University Spirit Recognition Award 2006 from Carleton University.
  • Prof. Monique Frize received an Honourary Degree (Doctor of Humanities) from Mount St-Vincent University in Halifax.
  • Prof. Amir Banihashemi received Carleton's Research Achievement Award 2006.
  • Prof. Gabriel Wainer received Carleton's Research Achievement Award 2005-2006
  • Prof. Trevor Pearce received Carleton's Teaching Achievement Award 2005-2006
  • Profs. Rafik Goubran and Thomas Kunz received Carleton's Research Achievement Award 2004-2005.
  • Prof. Victor Aitken received Carleton's Teaching Achievement Award 2004-2005
  • Prof. Adrian Chan awarded the Dr. Michael Smith Promising Scientist Award by the Ottawa Life Sciences Council. 2005.
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