The student registers in the doctoral program at his/her home university and approaches his/her thesis supervisor(s) for initial approval of establishing a cotutelle agreement. It is anticipated that prior to these actions, an expression of interest between the supervisors at each university has already taken place. If approved, the student develops a draft of the cotutelle file in consultation with his/her thesis supervisor(s). It is recognized that the home university may have a specific process for establishing a cotutelle agreement. Regardless, the following should be included in the cotutelle file for approval from Carleton University:

1. The Cotutelle Agreement Form (Appendix A) or equivalent

2. A written summary of the student‟s research project which must be signed by thesis supervisors at both institutions

3. The anticipated academic path, including sequence of presences in participating institutions

4. A letter from supervisors from both institutions indicating their agreement to supervise the doctoral candidate under the cotutelle and the value added to the doctoral program

5. Details on how the student will fund his/her studies abroad

6. Appropriate approvals from the home institution

The thesis supervisor(s) at Carleton University will receive approval of the cotutelle file from the department chair and the faculty Dean. Once obtained they will forward the cotutelle file to the Dean, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs where agreement in principle will be given. The student then submits an application through the normal admission process at Carleton University and receives an official offer of admission for the chosen Ph.D. program at Carleton University. Once admitted, the entire cotutelle file is considered finalized.

Official signing of the cotutelle agreement is then performed. The following signatures must be included: Dean, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs; Appropriate counterpart at the participating institution; Chair/Director of both doctoral programs; Thesis supervisors from both institutions; Student; and Any additional signatures as required by the partner institution In both cases the officially signed Cotutelle Agreement Form represents the binding contract between all parties involved (student, supervisors, and university administrators) to ensure successful completion of the student‟s Ph.D. program.

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