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Carleton Computer Engineering Cotutelles

What is a Cotutelle?

“Cotutelle” is a French term that refers to a bilateral doctoral enrolment and exchange agreement between two universities (the home university and the partner university) in different countries.

A doctoral student completes the requirements of the Ph.D. program in both the home and partner university, and conducts his/her dissertation research collaboratively, sequentially, and for roughly equal amounts of time in both universities, and is supervised by a faculty member from each of the universities. The dissertation is then examined by a committee whose members are drawn from both institutions.

Students completing a cotutelle, graduate with a single Ph.D. degree from both Carleton University and the partner institution abroad, including a diploma from each of the two Universities.

Information about Cotutelles from the French Embassy in Canada

What is the advantage of doing a PhD in Cotutelle?

The Assets of Cotutelles from the French Embassy in Canada

Who are we? What is our research about?

Which are our Partner Universities?

Any University can become a partner (contact any of the professors in the list above according to your area of specialization for further discussions). The following list includes a number of institutions that have agreed in participating in this effort.

Brunel University, UK.

Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France (ISIMA).

Université de Bordeaux I. IMS-LAPS, France (CNRS).

Université de Montpellier II, France. (tentative)

Université de Nice, Sophia-Antipolis, France (INRIA, CNRS).

Université Paul Cézanne (Marseille III), France (LSIS, CNRS).

Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina (CIFASIS).

Universidad de Valladolid, Spain (INSISOC).

How do I apply? How about funding? And Tuition?

Funding Opportunities from the French Embassy in Canada


Contact any of the Professors on the list above. If you have any particular questions, feel free to contact Prof. Gabriel Wainer, SCE