Frequently Asked Questions About Project Registration and Selection

Q: Can Electrical students be supervised by Systems faculty, or can Systems students be supervised by Electrical Faculty?
A: Yes, but the project selection process is different in each department. Contact the coordinator for the respective department:
Q: When should I pick my project? Must I do this in the summer?
A: The formal deadline for selecting a project is in the middle of September. However, please be advised that projects and faculty "fill up" and students are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. It does take a lot of time to form a team and secure a suitable project. Always check the on the course webpage.
Q: I am trying to register for SYSC 4907/17/27/37 on Carleton Central, but I cannot do so because of either a `Reserve Closed' or a `Full Session' response.
A: You must create a student account on this SCE 4th-year project website and select successfully a project offered by an SCE faculty member in this academic year, then an override is granted to you and you will be able to register the project course (SYSC4907, SYSC4917, SYSC4927 or SYSC4937)in Carleton Central.
Any time a student gets the error `reserved closed' he/she should go to the Engineering Academic Support website and fill out an Engineering Request Form. Unfortunately this is the only way the spot can be opened.
Q: How do I select a project?
A: In the Systems department, you must treat the project like a job search. Consult the webpage for the list of projects. Visit, email, phone the faculty that supervise projects that peak your interest. When you find a project and you have obtained the supervisor's approval, log in to your student account, then select "Create/Join New Project" to enter your selection. Completing this form will automatically send email confirmation to the project's supervisor.
Q: Are there course prerequisites for the 4th year project.
A1: For all projects, yes. Check the calendar description. Students without these prerequisites will not be allowed to take the project.
A2: Individual projects will NOT be allowed.
Q: Can I do the project during the summer?
A: The Systems department does not offer 4th year projects during the summer term.
Q: In the calendar schedule, there is a lecture time and room number. Are there classes, labs or meetings for the project?
A: No. The listed time is a reserved time when you are all available. It will be used only occasionally. For instance, in the first or second week of September, we will hold an information meeting. Watch for more signs on this board and on the webpage.
Q: I have an idea that I want to patent or develop into a business. Can I keep the intellectual property rights ?
A: There is no clear-cut answer for all cases here. It must be considered case-by-case. There are conflicting tensions:
  1. For Masters and Doctoral theses: A thesis is a work and as such, is the property of the author in accordance with the Canadian Copyright Act. In the interest of facilitating research by members of the Carleton community and by interested outsiders, graduate students are requested to grant to Carleton University and to the National Library a license to allow the thesis to be reproduced. Refer to the Thesis requirements at Graduate Studies for more information.

    Note: A 4th year project is not a graduate thesis, and is not published.

  2. The supervisor is providing time, knowledge and sometimes money towards the project, and must have rights accorded to him/her, unless waived.
  3. SYSC-4907/17/27/37 has project deliverables that are public and from which you cannot withhold your work in order to maintain non-disclosure. The oral presentations are made not only to a second faculty member but also to any interested students. The poster fair is open to the department and to the public. The final report is read by the supervisor and a second reader, but must be open for review to anyone in the faculty.
Q: Is it possible to undertake a project supervised by a faculty member who is on sabbatical?
A: Yes, but the supervisor must be available for all deadlines such as the Oral presentations, Poster Fair, and Grading meeting.

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