Frequently Asked Questions about Final Report

Q: Do we need to submit a hardcopy of the thesis.
A: No. Only the electronic copy of the final report is required. However, the SCE office will host a single binding day (TBD) for students who wish to bind a hard copy of their project report for themselves. It will be only one copy. The SCE office will provide the standard cover and backing, but students should bring in the printed copy of their project report.
Q: Can I just email my supervisor or the coordinator my final report as for the submission?
A: No. You need to submit your project report on-line through your 4th-year project account. Submission through any other means (such as email attachment) will NOT be accepted.
Q: Is there any particular requirement on the final report?
A: Yes, refer to the Final Report section for detailed requirements and some writing guidelines. In the meantime, discuss with your supervisor to see if he/she has specific requirements.