Frequently Asked Questions About the Project Proposal

Q: How long does it have to be? What is the format? What should it contain?
A: There are some basic principles to follow that are given on the Proposal section. Beyond this, these questions must be directed to your supervisor (See next question).
Q: Do I write it for my supervisor or for the coordinator? Why do we hand them into the coordinator?
A: The project proposal will be read (and graded) by your supervisor. We ask that you submit them on-line so that we can confirm and finalize the list of projects being conducted this year. When you submit your proposal, the title and members are noted. While your supervisor is able to obtain your proposal through his faculty account, it is always recommended that you email him/her an electronic copy as well.
Q: We are working in a group. Do we submit one group proposal or individual proposals?
A: This is a decision for you, your teammates and your supervisor. For all of the deliverables over this year, you may prepare a group report or an individual report with the following caveats:
  • All members contribute.
  • The portion of the project assigned to each member be clearly defined.
  • The contribution of each member be clearly identified.
As an example, for the project proposal, individual reports may be prepared or a single group proposal may be constructed with a common background portion followed by a planned division of labour.
Q: Is my work within the team project suitable for my undergraduate program?
A: If you are not sure or you do not know how to justify the suitability in your proposal, have a discussion with your supervisor.

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