Chapter 2: The Engineering Project

2.1 Health and Safety

Using the Health and Safety Guide posted on the course webpage, students will use this section to explain how they addressed the issues of safety and health in the system that they built for their project.

2.2 Engineering Professionalism

Using their course experience of ECOR 4995 Professional Practice, students should demonstrate how their professional responsibilities were met by the goals of their project and/or during the performance of their project.

2.3 Project Management

One of the goals of the engineering project is real experience in working on a long-term team project. Students should explain what project management techniques or processes were used to coordinate, manage and perform their project.

2.4 Justification of Suitability for Degree Program  

In this section, students should explain how the project relates to the degree program of each group member.

2.5 Individual Contributions

This section should carefully itemize the individual contributions of each team member. Project contributions should identify which components of work were done by each individual. Report contributions should list the author of each major section of this report.

2.5.1 Project Contributions

2.5.2 Report Contributions