Project Selection (FAQ)

Students in both departments (the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering or the Department of Electronics) can work on a project under a supervisor in either department. However, due to capacity limits, we can only support SCE students in finding a suitable projects. DoE students who want to join SCE projects most do so on their own initiative. Also, please note that Software Engineering students should clarify with their program advisor whether a project offered in DoE is suitable for their degree.

Systems Project Selection Procedure

In addition to the registration of the project course (SYSC4907) in Carleton Central, you must register on this SCE 4th-year project website by creating a student account and select a project offered by an SCE faculty member in this academic year.

Note that the term "project selection" refers to the process of choosing which project to work on. Project selection is separate from "course registration".

A list of Faculty Proposals for the current year is posted. Or, you may propose your own idea and discuss it with a faculty member who might be interested in supervision.

You can find out the projects that appeal most to you from the list of Faculty Proposals, and discuss them with the offering project supervisor. Your goal is to identify a project that fits to your program and is most suitable for your interests and background, based on your discussions with the project supervisor. During the process, it is very important that you form a team of at least two students since no individual (one-person) projects are permitted. This process may take some time, so you need to start as soon as possible. 

After your team and the project supervisor come to a mutual agreement (verbal or email), you can create a 4th Year Project Student Account and register your project formally. A copy of your submission will be emailed to your supervisor, and your name will be added to the Active Project List.

In general, you have until the first week of September to finalize your choice of a project. However, please note that many of the projects on the original list will be assigned (by the project supervisors) to qualified students on a first come first serve basis. You are therefore advised to contact supervisors of the projects that interest you as early as possible.

Selecting a project: the first student to “join” a project actually has to create it. On the student menu, under the Create/Join button, choose “Create a new project”. On the next page, select an existing project from the pulldown menu under “Select an Existing Title”.

Note that your work as part of the project should be within your undergraduate program of study. For instance, a student in the Communications Engineering program may work on a software project only if this software project has a suitable component of Communications Engineering within it. If there were ambiguity, the suitability needs to be justified.

Again, it is very important to keep in mind that only team projects, but not individual ones, will be permitted. Student teams develop professional-level experience by applying, honing, integrating and extending previously acquired knowledge in a major team design project.

Updated: July 3rd, 2018