Space, Equipment and Software:

ME4386 is the lab room designated only for 4th year students working on their projects. You must must apply for access to this room through this website: The request will then be approved by your Supervisor and you will be contacted by the Department.

Access rights to this room will be revoked if it is found that you are allowing non-4th year students to enter and/or you are eating or drinking in the room. Refer to the Lab Info section for more information ( such as technical support and regulation) on the usage of this lab room.

Computer accounts are the same ones used for other SCE courses, with the same registration procedure (See If you require special features on your account (extra memory, privileged or administrator rights), your supervisor must make a request to the Lab Technicians (Send an email to The technicians will require confirmation from your supervisor ( your supervisor on your email).

The ITS of Carleton University has made special purchase arrangements for Windows, Macintosh, Unix or Linux software packages. Some software is site-licensed for unlimited use campus-wide. Other software has been made available through educational discounts for volume purchase. Some licenses may restrict the number of copies, the type of use, duration of license, or the location of machines on which the software may be used. For more information, please visit the website of ITS.

If you need special equipment or tools, please ask your supervisor for help.

Should you need some computer parts/components or personal assistance from the technical support staff, all requests should be made via email to using your Cmail-account email address. The technical staff will be more than willing to assist you. When making a request, you need to include your group number and the title of your project.  In general, the parts and components (such as a computer cable or similar item) that you request will be provided to you on demand if they are available on a shelf, however, it is recommended that you send an email listing what you request before dropping by the technical staff¡¯s office. Once technical staff receive your email, they will advise you on the next step.

Carleton's Engineering Society has a server machine that is available for use by 4th year project students. All enquires must be directed to the Engineering Society. The 4th year project coordinator is not responsible for this machine.

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