Project Registration (FAQ)

You must register both in Carleton Central for SYSC 4907, and on this website for meeting the 4th year project degree requirement. However, if you are a student in CSE or CE, and working on a project offered by a supervisor from the Department of Electronics, you need to register in ELEC 4907 and follow the processes specified by DoE.

In addition, you need to register on this website and sign up for a project before an override is granted to you to register on Carleton Central, ensuring that you have a project supervisor and all prerequisites are met. 

To register on this website, click on the 'Student Login' button and then choose CREATE STUDENT ACCOUNT.

Before you start to register the fourth-year project, please make sure that the following prerequisites are satisfied.

- The Fourth-Year Engineering Status and ECOR4995 (may be taken concurrently), as well as completion of other course prerequisites particular to a project and set out by the project supervisor. Engineering year status is not the same as University Year Standing (See § 4.7). The full definition is found under the Academic Regulations and Requirements for the Bachelor of Engineering Degree.

If students do not meet the above prerequisites, they must obtain a wavier from the Undergraduate Academic Support Office of the Faculty of Engineering and Design, 2090 Minto Case Building.

All students who are under the supervision of a Systems faculty member must register in the fall and winter terms of SYSC-4907 in Carleton Central. Students in Communications Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering can choose to do a project in Electronics, and if they are under the supervision of an Electronics faculty member must register in ELEC-4907 in Carleton Central. If you register in ELEC-4907, meaning that you are working on a project offered by the Department of Electronics, you don't need to register on this website. In extremely rare cases, students may participate on projects outside both Systems and Electronics, for example iTAC offered by MAE. In these cases, once you are granted permission to undertake such a project, you also need to register on this website (using a particular project marked as “external” and in SYSC-4907). If in doubt about these rules, please contact the 4th year project administrator. In all cases, improper registration may lead to delays in graduation.

The Department of Systems and Computer Engineering does not offer the project during the summer. All projects must be completed in the fall/winter timeframe.

Note: Registration in the project precludes registration in any co-op work term. In other words, you cannot do your 4th-year project while you are on a co-op work term.

Updated: August 28th, 2018