The Poster Fair (FAQ)

A poster fair for all 4th year projects in the Systems and Computer Engineering Department will be held in middle or late March (See Deadlines). A poster fair is like a science fair. You will set up a poster display as well as a demonstration beforehand to exhibit the final product of your project. During the fair, you will remain at your display and visitors will be invited to wander about, asking you questions whenever interested. It's a chance for you to talk about your work.

The poster fair will offer many opportunities. Your poster as well as the demo will be graded by your supervisor and a second reader (not by students) using this evaluation form. The expectation will be that the work is complete, and the poster will describe, not the progress, but the solution. Faculty will use the time to assess the project and in particular to assess the individuals within a group project. The fair will also enable the students to evaluate themselves against others, so that they can later understand their final grade. Third year students will be encouraged to attend as preparation for their turn in the next year.

Preparations and Requirements:

  1. Each and every student must participate in the poster fair. A place for each student will automatically be assigned. A group of n students will get n poster boards along with n locations for these n boards. In accordance to the guidelines stated in Group Requirements you have a choice in how you use your n poster boards, upon approval by your supervisor: You may each prepare n individual posters; or you may combine your n poster boards into one overall presentation with the rule that the individual contributions of each team member must be cleared stated and visible. Ask your supervisor.
  2. All posters must exhibit the group number, as well as the student's name, supervisor and project title.
  3. Since 2017/2018, all projects are required to demonstrate the project work
  4. The department requests that all students use the same boards that are provided by the office. Poster boards and sticky tack will be distributed at SCE Main Office ME 4456 the day before the poster fair from 9:00am to 4:00pm. If you wish to have the poster board(s) earlier, you can send the Undergraduate Assistant a request. You must be able to have a safe place to store the board(s) and another one will not be provided if you forget it the day of or lose it. Replacement cost is $20.00 is the board is lost or damaged.
  5. The poster boards must cleaned off and returned immediately after the poster fair.
  6. A sample poster board will be placed in the department office as the poster fair approaches.
  7. If boards are not returned or are damaged, students will be required to pay a $20 replacement fee.

Writing Guidelines:

All posters must be prepared according to the following guidelines:

Stand-Up Poster


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