Oral Presentations (FAQ)

Oral presentations take place in the latter part of January (see Deadlines) Within a strict fixed time period, you shall sell your project, not only to your supervisor, but to a second “outside” faculty member and to your fellow students. In contrast to the other written deliverables, the oral presentation is a visual performance that requires different skills and attitudes. Your oral presentation will be graded by your supervisor, a second reader and by fellow students who attend using this evaluation form.

Each individual student is allocated 15 minutes: 10 minutes for a presentation, 3 minutes for questions and 2 minutes for setup. If you are working in a group, group members will be scheduled consecutively. You then have two choices:

  1. Each member presents as an individual with his/her allotted time or
  2. All members present as a group, lumping all their timeslots together; however, each individual must contribute approximately equally. The choice is yours and your supervisor's.

For more information about the presentations themselves, consult the Resources page.


At the end of the fall term, you are required to submit an availability schedule for your group, so that the presentations may be scheduled. Use your student account to submit the oral presentation form for your group, as a whole.

As the time approaches, paper copies will be posted on this webpage, on the 4th Year Project Bulletin Board, in the hallway near ME4499, as well as near the doorways of the rooms.

If there is a problem with the schedule, please email the coordinator. Please note that due to the large number of students, there is limited room for changes. In your email, please indicate a slot that you have identified in the posted schedule as free. Your request will be considered, but may be denied even if the slot is free because of other factors, including the need to find available second readers.

Each room will have an overhead projector available. If you wish any other equipment, you must arrange this with your supervisor

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