Procedures for Group Projects

It is important to note that all projects must have a team of at least two students. No individual projects are permitted.

Although students will be working together in teams on group projects, each student must receive an individual final grade. Consequently, as stated in the Project Expectations, part of the duties of a project group is to divide the work into identifiable tasks and to assign individual responsibilities. In this way, each project deliverable will have components that are directly and identifiably contributed by individual students.

For each written deliverable (proposal, progress report and final report) the group may prepare either individual reports or a single group report, at the discretion of the supervisor. For group reports, the group may not be larger than 3-4 people. The group report must contain a page clearly identifying which section is written by which student.

For the oral presentation and the poster fair, each individual is required to present their own portion. Again, to provide cohesion, one person should prepare a (short) overview that can be referenced by all group members. Each person will receive an individual mark.

Updated: July 3rd, 2018