The Final Report (FAQ)

The final report represents the culmination of your year of work. It is the major component of your final grade. You will want to devote much time and effort throughout the year towards the report. The report will be read by your supervisor(s) and by a second reader. Together, they will present their recommendations to the department concerning your final grade.

Since the year of 2017/2018, only the electronic copy of the final report is required. You need to submit your project report on-line through your 4th-year project account. Submission through any other means (such as email attachment) will NOT be accepted.  

The SCE office will host a single binding day (TBA) for students who wish to bind a hard copy of their project report for themselves. It will be only one copy. The SCE office will provide the standard cover and backing, but students should bring in the printed copy of their project report.

Requirements and Writing Guidelines:

  1. General guidelines and suggestions - including the required title page - for producing a professional report are offered in this System Department's document.
  2. As discussed in the above document, Chapter 1 is expected to be the standard introduction to the problem, concluding with an overview of the rest of the report.
  3. To satisfy SYSC-4907 requirements, all reports must contain a standard Chapter 2 (.doc). The size of each sub-section will depend on your particular problem. For example, health and safety considerations are a large factor and should be discussed in depth for healthcare-related projects, but may be of a minor concern for a web-based game. From 2017/2018, it is required to justify how the project relates to the degree program of each group member in the final report. Ask your supervisor for help if needed.
  4. Beyond Chapter 2, there will be great variety in the chapter-by-chapter content of reports, due to the diversity of projects run in the department. Consult your supervisor for help and remember that the objective of the project is to demonstrate your engineering professionalism. All engineering - whether communications or hardware or software - share the tasks of requirements, design, implementation and testing.
  5. For a professional finish to your document, it is recommended that you use the same practices that are used for Master and PhD theses. If you are in doubt about any practice, consult with your supervisor.  Full details are available at Graduate Studies link.

For additional advice, consult for the Department of Electronics Robotag project, compliments of Will Sitch.

LaTeX style files are found here.

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